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Learning on How to Reinforce a Door

It should be noted that most businesses and homesteads are often prone to break-ins. Most home and business owners tend to incur losses in finances due to these break-ins. It is therefore recommended to always take precautions to always ensure that your businesses or homestead is properly secured. This article seeks to lay into text a few of the ways one can reinforce their doors.

The reinforcement of door frames is among the ways one can reinforce their doors. This method of door reinforcement works to increase the strength of the door to withstand forceful entry. The best way to make reinforcements to your door’s frames is always the addition of a layer of steel. The addition of the layer of steel to door frames is so as to prevent them from splitting. This, therefore, makes your door kick proof.

There are usually two ways into which the layer of steel can be incorporated into door frames. Placing high-gauge steel over a door and securing it with screws is one of the ways to go about making the addition of steel to frames of a door. These long screws should always be ensured that they make penetrations to the studs of the walls on the sides of the doorway.

To make the addition of steel to a door so as to make it kick proof, one could also make the complete change of the door frame with a steel door frame. After making the complete replacement of a door frame with that made of steel, one can then secure it with metal wall studs. One can also make the necessary reinforcements to a door by strengthening its edges. The reinforcement of the frames to a door is usually followed up by strengthening the door’s edges. This means taking care of the door itself.

The edges of a door are usually the parts where the bolts go through so as to lock into the frame. This part of the door is often its weakest link. One is therefore advised to install a door wrap around them so as to make the necessary reinforcements. By creating the necessary surface area over which force can be distributed, door wraps seek to make it nearly impossible to force entry into a door.

Securing the hinges are also another way to go about making the necessary reinforcements to a door. One of the ways to go about securing the hinges to a door is by installing jamb pins. By reinforcing strike plates, one can also make the necessary reinforcements to a door.
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