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Componets of the Hawaiian Culture
As the 50th state in America, Hawaii is filled with golden sand and beautiful palm trees. However, in 1959, the place of eight islands was approved as a state. Another important thing about this place is that it contains the most isolated islands in the world. The people living in Hawaii are from three different cultures. When on the island, you should be aware that you have a lot of friends who can mentor you about the culture of the place.
The first thing that makes up Hawaii’s culture is Aloha. Most of the people living on the island use the term to mean compassion and love. The term meant that the Hawaiians are always ready to offer assistance and advice when necessary. It also meant that the residents were willing to be a friend whenever a person needed one.
Most of them go to the place because it is relaxing. Another reason why this place is a major tourist destination is because there is no restriction regarding the island time. The island time makes it easier to live in Hawaii. The best thing about the island is that it has less traffic when compared to the mainland. Another thing that you need to know before you go to Hawaii culture is the shaka.
Curl them into your palm as you extend the pinky finger and the thumb. According to the culture of Hawaii, shaka is used a sign of giving thanks. The company decided to compensate him by giving him a job as a trained security. The children assumed that guard was trying to through a shaka to them every time he raised a hand to chase them away. Consequently, the kids started using the sign to demonstrate that the area was clear.
Tipping and added tax are major components of the unique culture in Hawaii. The percentage of the tip in Hawaii depends on the service. This because these service providers who are below the minimum wage depend on the tips they receive to support their lives.
This custom was copied from the Koreans and Japanese. It is, therefore, necessary to implement this custom whenever you visit Hawaii and are invited to one of the local homes.
It is always advisable to carry a gift whenever you visit a person’s house. This Hawaiian language and tradition should always be taken seriously. It is, therefore, important to understand that whenever you carry a gift to a friend’s house, you are adhering to the culture of Hawaii.
In Hawaii, youths and children refer to adults as uncle and auntie. Children are usually encouraged to use these terms as a form of respect. Another custom that is prominent in Hawaii is the respect for marine wildlife.

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